Project Design

The major goal of this department is to provide students an opportunity to acquire and hone “project planning ability” in the creation of new “brands” by, for example,  rediscovering value in something commonplace or everyday, eliciting and expressing fascination, and finding methods of communicating and evoking emotions that express a time and place. These and other subjects will be studied through actual examples as students learn the approaches and processes needed for project design. With today’s rapidly changing media and social structures, there is a critical need for human resources skills that effectively balance “creative sense” within a specific field with “business sense” that understands the work at hand and ensures progress is made. The planning skills that lead to problem resolution and the structural abilities that implement those plans are essential for the resolution of various issues facing society today. Professor Kundo Koyama, renowned media writer known for numerous projects, leads the team of top-ranking professionals who will enthusiastically advise in this field of study. The curriculum, with its strategic use of industry feedback, will provide personal direction geared towards the individual capabilities of each student.

Art Direction

In order for the gist of a new product or service to be successfully conveyed to the public, there is a need for direction and overall organization of design, text and PR methods. In addition to the inherent contents, the design of the project must also be captivating. This filed will use the actual results to train students in the processes involved in the realization of each individual plan.

Brand Management

All of us have our own favorite fashion or product brand. The creation of that brand consists of elements such as an impressive trademark or name, and linking of the brand to values that differentiate the specific brand from its competitors. These features must be fostered so that they are imbedded in the minds and hearts of the public. Today, when new products and images abound, frequently the “simple joy in ordinary things” is overlooked, and the value of things around us is ignored. This filed will use actual materials in our search for the true nature of brands that are not just fads, but rather the formulation of ideas that bring joy or utility to people.


In all tasks, there is a need for understanding the philosophy and techniques of marketing. The role of marketing is to investigate what people are thinking, what they are seeking, and then to create specific product plans that make them happy. This filed will provide an understanding of the entire scope of marketing, from analysis to plan creation and implementation.

Media Relations

In order for a product to succeed, the correct information must be effectively conveyed to and remain in the hearts of large numbers of people. This filed will study methods used in a wide range of communication methods, from mass media to the Internet and from storefront advertising to word-of-mouth recommendations.


Editing is the effective arrangement and expression of visual and verbal information. There is a need for editing in all areas of communications, from the presentation materials used in planning and project proposals, to magazine articles, pamphlets and advertising. This department will give students the tools and background needed for the development of necessary editing skills.