Product Design

This department trains designers who will create the products and spaces that enrich our lives, from toys and sporting goods, to furniture, home electronics, automobiles, household and commercial interiors, and public spaces and displays. In order to develop young designers who can work across a broad range of fields, this department has created a curriculum that balances fundamental skills with imagination and effective expressive skills that can readily respond to society’s needs. In a jointly led curriculum, the educational environment is linked to such major manufacturers as Honda and Canon. The department boasts rich opportunities to attend workshops with famous designers and to gain experience in professional settings. The department’s facilities are fully equipped with spacious design studios, laser cutters, 3D modeling machines and other equipment to support creative production. The department also strongly encourages unhindered creative and practical research in transforming words into formative ideas and material potential. Students who relish the challenge and satisfaction of creating new designs will be challenged to work together to compete, improve their skills and achieve successful, practical, real-world results.

Product Design

Products and objects surround us, and each of these objects has a purpose, supporting us in our daily lives. We imagine the delight of those who use these objects, as we search for beautiful and useful forms and shapes for projects. We consider the future of the Earth as we scrutinize the materials and technologies that are used in those projects. Students in this department learn the entire design time-line and technological impact through repeated experimentation from proposal stage to the actual, from idea formulation to the drawing of sketches and plans that visualize the product image, and to the creation of full-scale models. While students are immersed in their dreams of creating, staff will help them develop the skills required to become proficient designers. Students will engage in joint projects with major local and regional manufacturers, working directly with designers in workshops and participating in this field.

Experimental Design Studies

What is the future potential of design? Exploring the needs of society, culture and technology, Experimental Design Studies examines the direction of new design through a free flow of ideas and emotions unbounded by such constraints as current product and interior design. Product Design department will provide designers with an innovative viewpoint, appealing to designers who are drawn to the future.

Furniture and Interior Design

Furniture and interior design focuses on the spaces we live in and the objects that fill these spaces. These elements are all the subject of design as we react to the space around us. Designers who create a space through furnishings and interior design require not only formative know-how, but must also have the ability to judge space, determine colors, sense light and analyze how people move within that space. They must then balance all of these factors and combine them with a flexibility of approach. In order to learn these skills, students will work from a fully hands-on approach, from the drawing of designs to the creation of effective and detailed interior design models and actual furniture from real materials. One of the features of this course is the creation of molded plywood furniture and its placement in Yamagata city for actual use.

University-Industry Joint Projects

This department is rich in experiential learning through joint projects comprised of teams of students plus designers from major manufacturers such as Canon, Honda and Toshiba, as well as through projects based on requests from local industry. With a view to fostering a more practical and experimental approach to design, students will learn from close interactions with local industries through active team participation.