Fine Arts: Textile

Textiles are made from the cloth or fabric born of weft and warp yarn, plus the dyestuffs that are made when these fabrics are freely dyed with colors and patterns. Textiles can envelope the body with their ever-changing expression. They enrich our lives, whether through clothing or interior goods, or all the more so as textile art. Though it is an art born in antiquity, students in this course continue to test, pursue and explore the advancing aesthetics and techniques of textiles today. The theme of the textile course is making things come alive.  Students learn the traditional techniques of the weaving loom and the dyeing stencil while also acquiring the new techniques of the Jacquard loom and the computer as they heighten their own expressive powers. Working in conjunction with other crafts department courses, they will learn the characteristics of lacquer, metal and ceramic materials. By focusing on the material, they will be able to experiment with these, giving form to works that express their own thoughts. At present, students in this course continue to create fascinating works from the inviting atmosphere of their surroundings and the dynamic nature that envelopes the Yamagata region.

Benibana Project

Since the dawn of history, people have created textiles from the climate and conditions of their own land. In this forested land of Yamagata, two particular dyestuffs abound, namely benibana and indigo. The students of the textile course cultivate their own dye plants from seedlings, and when the crop is grown, they pick the flowers and make their own dyestuffs. In dyeing thread and fabric and weaving the threads, it is as if those flowers have given fruit to new expression which harnesses its power directly from nature.

Combined Materials Study

In order to learn rich, contemporary expressive methods that occur in the textiles that form part of our daily lives, it is important to come into contact with a diverse range of materials. Working in conjunction with other craft courses, students challenge themselves to create three-dimensional works that combine textiles with other media such as lacquer, metal or ceramics.

In Search of Expression

Textiles are something close to us in our day-to-day lives. Whether used in fashion or interior design, they are linked to us in a myriad of ways. By starting with the fundamental techniques, and actually experiencing different materials and techniques, students develop and refine their own sensibilities, and set out in search of new possibilities for textiles to use in their own distinctive forms of expression.