Fine Arts: Printing

Prints are an art form in which the finished product is not realized until it is actually printed. Printmaking entails a repeated trial-and-error process of drawing and carving on a printing plate, wrestling with those traces of the lines and forms to be printed, then applying all of one’s mental and emotional efforts into printing from that plate. In a single instant, a plain white sheet of paper is transformed into a work of art. The printmaking course is supported by a faculty versed in a broad array of styles and techniques who work with students in their search for printed expression, whether in copperplate etching, woodcut, or screen-printing. In order to learn the sensibilities and individuality of an artist, students in this course concurrently enroll in the Western style painting course, while also working on image composition through photography and the construction of three-dimensional clay models. This multifaceted curriculum enables the students to broaden their perspective and refine their formative sensibilities. Prints reflect on paper the changing of the ages, and the artist’s sensibilities. When students encounter the print medium with their own free emotions and fresh ideas, a previously unseen artistic world appears.

Entering Works in Art Competitions

The print produces numerous sheets from a single original plate, allowing an even greater number of people to see and experience the art work. The students in this course enter their works in a variety of print competitions, and many of them receive awards in a variety of exhibitions. Displaying one’s own work to the public awakens in the artist a sense of both responsibility and self-awareness, thus furthering one’s own growth beyond the work itself. Students also enjoy close interactions with teaching faculty as they create art works, another aid to greatly expanding their own potential.

Working as a Print Artist

Miss Sato, who graduated from the graduate school in 2004, is already a member of the Shun’yôkai and a member of the Nihon Hanga Kyôkai. Her works have been received in numerous international print competitions and she is active as a printmaker. She has received requests for exhibitions from a number of galleries and is continuously busy with her printmaking.

Illustrated Book Creation

Prints are also known as graphics, and they are related to the production of books. A use of print that differs from that of single image prints is the creation of manuscript versions of illustrated books in printed form. Miss Hiwatari, a 2007 graduate, created her own original illustrated book about a kitten, in print form, and published the work.