Fine Arts: Oil Painting

Oil painting is the medium that allows the direct release of an artist’s thoughts on canvas, the expression of myriad colors and matière. The process of layering brushstrokes across the entire composition, layering on colors and textures, can be said to be the act of seeing deep into oneself. This course involves not only drawing and oil painting, it also includes experiential workshops on classic techniques, materials and methods, and the production of three-dimensional forms in clay and photography. The department has an eclectic faculty and a curriculum whose diversity will broaden students’ expressive paradigms and hone their sensibilities. Also, of note is the ample studio space provided for students. Through links with other courses in the Fine Arts Department, students can challenge themselves to create contemporary works that move beyond media definition, fostering their own individuality and unique sensibility. Active involvement in a variety of creative activities, such as faculty interchange and student exchange programs with the university’s sister college Kyoto University of Art and Design, and exhibitions in the Kanto area, will provide mutual stimulus for students and an opportunity to refine their own expressive abilities.

First Year Students: Still Life in Oil

From their first work upon entering university, students in this course will get a firm sense of this subject with their own eyes. The core curriculum classes, based on observation, are the first step in experiencing rich emotions, and in learning the techniques and formative ability essential for those involved in future creative work.

Plaster Models (Heads)

This entails the study of how to grasp form, how to express that sense of presence on the two-dimensional plane of a painting in a fascinating and engaging manner. The key to this can be found in working with plaster models. By directly handling the material and creating a three-dimensional form, the student will gain important experience in a fundamental understanding of mass, composition, movement, and specific characteristics.

Focused Study: Fresco

This course provides hands-on experience of fresco painting, a classic painting style from the West. There are many masterpieces of Western art among the diverse array of fresco paintings created by painters from the Roman Era to the present. In the process of learning this technique, students will approach the realm of the great masters of the past.

Varied Expression

After finishing the core curriculum classes in their second year, students do more than just paint pictures; they also work in photography and three-dimensional media and installations, learning about the methods, media and materials that inspire them. Through this broad range of different courses they encounter diverse materials and methods, thereby broadening their own potential range of expression and enhancing their own unique talents.